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Tip of the day - previous tips

Designing is a skill

Realize that designs and visuals are a valuable commodity and a skill to perfect. When a plumber or mechanic does work for you, you notice the difference... They have fixed a problem and you can measure the change that has occurred. Just because designs and graphics are more difficult to measure in terms of value, does not mean that they are any less important. It could in fact be seen as more important in some ways. Want to try it out? Design a flyer in MS Word and send it out... Then ask a graphic designer like myself to do it and see whether you get more or less responses. :-)

Humour works?

Don't eat the yellow snow... lol... Uhm, let's think of a better tip... Don't use dynamite to unclog your toilet?... Nah, I'm all out folks. Remember that a touch of humour and a light heart is always an asset in ANY business. If anyone teaches a class on how graphic designers can be witty and make jokes of substance and meaning on the fly, please enroll me! :-)

Do not use Microsoft Word!

Do not use Microsoft Word! Not for almost anything. Fair enough, we all need to type a quick document for the board of directors, but any other material including, books, bound documents, financial reports, pitches, etc. will all look a million % better if it is done by a layout artist. Even if the artist only recreates your Word layout it will have a different feel. The fonts will be slightly more sophisticated in most cases and the margins, collumns and spacing won't have that default Word, or Excell feel to them.

To explain... Have you ever seen a car just like yours? Chances are you could spot 5 differences in markings and stickers and similar things right away. Why? Because you see your car every day. How many Word documents do you see per day or per week? Does it make sense that something refreshing and different will have more impact?

Less is often more.

When it comes to a design, be it a print design, a poster, an advertisement, a corporate booklet, a website, a web page, a corporate video, a 3D animation or any other kind of media, the rule usually applies. It is tempting to say "Hey I paid for this full page ad, so I had better add 10 paragraphs of text to it", yet this will not help at all. Using larger advertisements attracts more attention to the ad. Make it beautiful and interesting. Information is not the key. Creating interest in the product IS! You cannot force a potential client to read the text on your advertisement, no matter how little or how much of it is on the page. You can however make the potential client want to read it. How? Make it look appealing and/or interesting!

User freelance designers instead of design firms

Remember to floss. :-) Just kidding, although it s a great tip. The tip of the week is to use a freelancer designer instead of a design firm or design company. You will often get ripped off. To find out why I say this read my new article entitled "5 reasons To hire freelancers and not companies".

Why you should use a designer

You have less than 0.5 seconds to make a first sub-conscious impression on a client using your product and less than 5 seconds to make a conscious one. Be smart, use a designer, whether it's a freelance designer or a design company. Products are judged by their visual impact in 99% of cases.