Frequently Asked Questions

The answers to some of the questions I often get asked during my graphic design work.

1. Where did the name
"Peachy Dragon" come from?

This is not a surprising question. When I started I was using the name, which we can agree is a bit unimaginative.

I wanted to change it, but I had 3 requirements.

  1. It had to be a unique name with an available .com domain.
  2. It has to be strange and artistic.
  3. It had to represent my life in some way.

I was playing around with ideas combining adjectives with pronouns. Some of the rejected titles were things like Chromatic Sunset or Molten Horizon.
(Yes they aren't great are they?)

I saw a logo animation by another designer which did not have the word "Dragon" in the name but contained an image of a dragon. I thought to myself "wow that is kitch"... and then thought "Why not do it? There is no rule against being kitch".

I subsequently decided that by adding an unusual adjective to the word dragon it could work. The word Peachy is a slang terms that is not widely in use any more. It is short for "peachy keen" as far as I can tell. Which basically means "it's all good", or "that's perfect", or "It's cool".

I later remembered that the first artistic memory I have is of me drawing a Dragon in kindergarden at age 3, 4, or 5. I stumbled upon the picture years later. it features a dragon on a drawbridge in front of a castle. It isn't very clear. I might post it one day if I discover it again.

So, having fulfilled all my requirements and being sufficiently odd Peachy Dragon was the chosen candidate. :-)

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